Please call 01554 527277 / 07779595194 or text.

And will call you back Straight Away.

Divan Bed Bases Only

3ft Single £60

4ft Small Double £99.99

4ft6 Double £99.99

5ft Kingsize £99.99

6ft Superking Size £160

Bases are 12 To 14 inches Thick approx.

Draws and Headboards are an extra cost

(All Base Prices Are Excluding Draws and Headboard)




Full Divan Set

Full Set Divan Bed + Headboard + Mattress (Draws Optional)

Choice Of Mattresses

8 to 10 inch Dual Coil,10 Inch Orthopaedic or Memory Foam Top

3ft Single Full Set With 2 Draws From £200

4ft Small Double Full Set With (Optional Draws) From £220

4ft6 Double Full Set With (Optional Draws) From £220

5ft Kingsize Full Set With (Optional Draws) From £280

6ft Super Kingsize Full Set With (Optional Draws) £500


Any Questions Please Call / Text Or Email

Call 01554 527277 / Mobile 07779 595194  / Email


09.02.2022 19:39


Hi how much is your double divan bed with 4 storage drawers only the base and headboard what colours do you have ? Dark grey ?

24.05.2020 11:08

Simon Mogford

Hi how much would it be for a king-size Devan bed with headboard, and drawers plus a memory foam top mattress?

24.05.2020 13:48

Mark Jones

Please can you ring me or text I will call you back really busy at present 07779595194
From £300 full sets with 2 end draws

16.05.2020 16:54

Rebekah Andrews

hi. Do you have a single (3ft) divan base, in a light grey colour, 190 length, with 2 draws on same side? How long is delivery at the moment? Thanks

12.04.2020 00:50


I need a devan king size no drawers what's the best price u can do thanks

05.03.2020 01:07

Jessica Seymour

I was interested in 2 bunk beds

08.01.2019 14:19

Tracey JAMES

Hi do you have a showroom to try the mattresses ,and when will it be open next ,and what is the address many thanks Tracey

08.01.2019 14:22


Back in Uk and work this Thursday 10th January please ring so I can meet you at unit thanks ADDRESS

UNIT 8.2,
South Avenue,
Trostre industrial estate,

27.11.2018 13:05


hi mark,
do you have any otterman storage beds

27.11.2018 19:35


Not at present but I do have divans with 4 draws for £150 if that helps please text or call as it will be easier over the phone 07779595194

06.11.2018 21:49

Debbie Fisher-Edwards

What time do you close on Friday please?

07.11.2018 03:00


Am away at present sorry back on 13th

Please Text , Email Or What’s App or Facebook Messenger
All calls and texts I have paid my end so I can call you back.
(I am 7 Hours in front of UK Time)
via :

18.09.2018 19:54

Luke Hanna

Hi what is the cheapest double metal frame bed and mattress you got please and how much is delivery to Carmarthen

21.10.2018 23:43


sorry just seeing this am getting more double metal bed frames in today with mattress will be £200 including delivery to carmarthen

22.06.2018 15:07


Hello. Do you deliver to Morriston in Swansea and what is the charge?

22.06.2018 15:17


Thanks Mark. It would be a 4ft 6 double bed and mattress. Don't need it for a little while yet. Moving in a few months from a furnished to unfurnished place. Enjoy your hols!

22.06.2018 15:11


Hi Julie yes do deliver to morriston all depends what you want normally £10 delivery, I am working until 11am tomorrow then am away on holiday for 2 weeks text or ring 07779595194 I am Delivering now

31.05.2018 20:51


Hi what is your cheapest double divan base and mattress? What are your delivery charges?

31.05.2018 20:57


Cheapest is divan or Prado Bed and 8 inch mattress double for £150 excluding delivery depending where you are best to text me on 07779595194 and I can answer you back there thank you

21.05.2018 12:46


Hi, how much is your cheapest double diva base please?

21.05.2018 12:50


Hi cheapest double metal I have is £50 new and cheapest divan double is £99.99 best to text or ring me on 07779595194

13.03.2018 08:39


hi how much are the headboards for a kingsize divan bed please? im looking for a kingsize divan bed base with headboard but no storage or mattress. thanks

13.03.2018 08:41


Hi king divan base and king Headboard is £150 excluding the mattress please ring and can discuss 07779595194

13.01.2016 12:25


How do I order?

13.01.2016 14:47


Please call me on on 07779595194 or text me and I can ring you back

15.08.2015 11:20


do you take the old divan base away

15.08.2015 11:23


Yes when you purchase a new one there is just a small fee of £10